The Nook



It was a tiny space, barely big enough to hold my attention and yet I went there every day to find solace, comfort in its meager offerings. Some might find it strange to be able to find such pleasure in such a small area, a tiny little tucked away nook, but each day I was able to find there the solution to my roller coaster ride of daily interactions.

Some days it offered warmth, bathing me in a soft snugly succor that rescued me from the horrors of the day. I luxuriated in the calm sensuous ambiance it was able to produce, and allowed it to manifest itself in my spirit.

Other days it was a place filled with energy. It revived me and boosted my spirits. During these times I was always able to push through and approach pending projects and possible obstacles with enthusiasm, optimism, and vigor.

Sometimes when I felt down, I could go there to rebuild myself. Going daily I knew that sooner or later I would be faced with one day finding nothing there and yet I continued to return everyday to enjoy it’s respite while the offerings lasted. I reveled in the joy, the peace, the comfort.

Then one evening, after a hard day I had left my job, dropped all of my daily burdens, and come to this place to rejuvenate and rebuild my shattered spirit only to discover that everything was gone. I stood there with the door open, staring blankly into each corner wondering what to do. The tiny nook that had been my savior was now empty.

I placed my hands inside my pockets and turned them out. Payday was awhile away. I did not have the means to go elsewhere. I closed the door and pouted.

An empty cupboard is a sad and lonely place.

The Nook © DJuna Blackmon 2014, All Rights Reserved



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