The Arrow


Cupid was an odd little bug, not the lovely little cherub always depicted in classic art. In truth it was a full grown androgynous asexual pixie, a point of contention that may have been the motivation for starting all of this falling in love stuff to begin with. If it could have claimed a side it might have, then maybe there wouldn’t have been so much hostility about relationships and the way in which they were managed. But considering what each side had to offer it wasn’t certain things would have been much better if the option had been available.

Cupid hated women; fickle, unpredictable, emotional, demanding, inconsiderate, judgmental, selfish, temperamental, harpies with little sense and less enthusiasm. They had all the equipment and ingredients for love, compassion, consideration, desire, and companionship and they wasted them chasing material things. On occasions one with a modicum of the right qualities would surface, but often their abilities to make choices was superseded by their superficial nature. It wasn’t to say they had no good qualities, but what difference did that make if they were squandered, wasted?

But men weren’t much better; self important, dishonest, egotistic, noncommittal, power hungry, greedy, sadistic, philanderers. The greater majority of them were more easily lead by their reproductive parts rather than the massive brain given to them to make survival of their species possible. With all that brain power, you’d think they might have realized that relationships were an integral part of every aspect of life, and the more successful they were at them the better things would be.

But being a member of neither sex Cupid had a right to be critical. Watching these creatures botch and mangle attempts at relationships purporting to be in love, claiming to understand the concept was more than what might be considered palatable on a daily basis. Considering themselves civilized, when they were little better than their prehistoric counterparts. What good was technology if they destroyed themselves and the world they lived in?

So Cupid went to the angels and said, “Why must humans be allowed to continue to be so hateful and reprehensible without experiencing even the slightest of consequences? Do we not still have the ability to affect their choices?”

“Well, yes we do, but it is not as easy as you might think. We do not control them; they make their own choices and decide their behaviors. But here, if you wish to try to intervene, I will make you an archer. You must practice hard to become an excellent marksman, as well as a craftsman, for you will create your arrow. I warn you however, it is not as simple as just point and shoot. You will find humans complex to manage.”


Cupid was dedicated, practiced daily. The thought that humans needed a lesson in love was the greatest motivator in the creation of the arrows which would match the magnificent bow and quiver being made specifically for the task.492_cupids_arrow

To Cupid using the bow had come second nature, and by the time the angels were ready to commission a bow to fit the enchanted arrows Cupid had mastered both aim and shot. But the real skill was in learning what to shoot.


It was obvious after several attempts to guide humans to love that they were in some way greatly challenged. Even after the object of love was identified and had been pierced by loves arrow, the intended recipient often did not respond even when the person was clearly right in front of them. In fact several times the recipient ignored them knowingly. Love wasn’t blind, humans were stupid. They were literally choosing not to love, creating barriers that did not even need to be there.

So Cupid strengthened the intensity of the arrow, thinking now that resistance would be futile. But that arrow was so strong several of the love interests became obsessed and subsequently stalked the loved one. After a few fatal attractions and unnecessary deaths, the arrow was scaled back to its original intensity.

But by this time Cupid was beginning to get discouraged. Since humans insisted on choosing what was bad for themselves then Cupid decided to make bad selections for them hoping by some coincidence that they would turn toward the real love. But that expectation was also not realized. Humans simply kept the poor choice, allowing themselves to be abused, unhappy, and sometimes even endangered.

As absolute power corrupts absolutely, Cupid became possessed with the same behaviors and judgments that were found to be an abhorrence in humans, and rather than doing the duty that had been charged, wanton disregard for the safety of humans became a standard practice. Cupid decided to become a spirit of mischief, foiling the plans of mankind, confusing and corrupting their intentions whether they be honorable or no.

The angels punished Cupid, who though still an archer, was now no longer charged with the responsibility of encouraging the presence of love. But being skilled with the bow and the ability to craft the arrow, Cupid was content to continue to interfere in relationships making unmarried women want married men, and if a man wanted a woman then she would be persuaded to want someone else, and if a woman desperately wanted someone to love her would condemn her to be alone.

But humans were a victim of their own chaos, Cupid never claimed responsibility for the mess that had become of mankind, after all they themselves made the choices. For centuries mankind has looked for love in all the wrong places. Maybe they should spend some time figuring out what it is so that when they find it they will recognize it. Otherwise it will continue to evade them.

Like the proverbial forest, they are deep amongst the trees. Let us hope they will one day be able to see it.

Until they do, you may want to keep an eye out for stray arrows.

The Arrow © DJuna Blackmon 2014, All Rights Reserved

written-for-30 (3) copy


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